We are (At Least They Tried) an art collective and an independent print studio who believe that digital data shouldn't be confined solely to the edges of our screens. We believe that data can be found, read, expropriated and exploited in many ways, both in margin and outside of the internet.

Our research embraces counterintuitive practices, such as writing QR codes by hand, hacking thermal printers to print city maps, or even installing low range pirate networks in public space. These few examples hold in common the idea of doing differently. But rather than having the intention of changing the world, these projects should be seen more as poetic and low tech tentatives to regain agency from the hegemony of the GAFA and the empire of big data.

As such our goal is to create alternative forms of digital literacy for us and anyone interested. Firstly through print as an artistic practice, and secondly as an educative platform, promoting open-source knowledge and tools, creating spaces for discussions and workshops, ultimately sharing on/offline whatever it is that we managed to hack into or at least tried our best to dismantle.